The benefits of technology bring real life risks – make cyber insurance part of your data protection strategy

Almost every business relies on Information Technology – computers, the internet, intranet, cloud storage and databases – are a necessity of the modern day world. A loss of connectivity or access to data and systems can bring a business to a costly standstill.

Threats can be accidental or malicious. Human error and technology breakdown can lead to data loss and system breaches; while Cybercrime is increasing exponentially – hacking, phishing, theft of personal data, ransomware attacks – are a threat to businesses of all sizes and many businesses have no, or inadequate, protection.

Cyber insurance can protect against such risks, helping you to recover data, rebuild and strengthen your IT systems, comply with regulatory requirements on data protection, meet extortion costs, cover loss of income caused by Business Interruption and protect against reputational damage.

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A cyber failure or attack could bring your operations to a standstill and cause financial and reputational damage to your business.

We can guide you to insurance products to help protect you against cyber risks, to recover your data, rebuild your systems and resume trading as quickly as possible.

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