Professional Indemnity Insurance

Protect your business against claims for errors and omissions, mismanagement and negligence with Professional Indemnity Insurance. If you provide advice or professional services to others, Professional Indemnity Insurance is there to protect you against claims for Errors and/or Omissions you may make which cause loss or damage to your clients.

Professionals ranging from accountants, solicitors and property managers to architects, surveyors and IT consultants all require Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Directors’ & Officers and Management Liability Insurance

This cover protects Directors, senior staff and the company itself against claims relating to breach of trust or duty, negligence and mismanagement.

Any business can be faced with a claim about how it manages its affairs, whether from regulators such as His Majesty’s Revenue & Customs, the Information Commissioner’s Office or the Financial Conduct Authority; disgruntled employees who feel they have been unfairly treated; or third parties such as customers and suppliers. Investigation and legal costs can quickly escalate when a claim is made and fines, sanctions and reparations could be imposed.

Jaggi & Co work with a range of leading insurers and specialised underwriters and can assist you to tailor levels of cover and limits of indemnity to your professional and business requirements.

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