Protect your business from expensive Employers and Public or Product Liability claims.

It is a statutory requirement under the Employers Liability Insurance, (Compulsory Act) 1969 to have Employers’ Liability insurance. This is intended to protect your business against compensation claims and legal defence costs should an employee injure themselves, become ill or suffer an injury during their employment with you. Insurers will want to see good levels of Health and Safety controls and practices in place.

Public Liability Insurance is not a legal requirement, but accidents can happen, and that means compensation claims do too. Public Liability Insurance protects your business against accidental injury and property damage claims.

If you run a business anyone can issue proceedings against you.

When determining what limits of liability to purchase, a business must bear in mind any requirements imposed on them by third parties, to maintain coverage in line with any contractual conditions already in place or proposed in future tenders to do business.

Products Liability Insurance may be part of or can be added to your Public Liability Policy. This gives an extra layer of protection for example if you design or manufacture a product that causes third party injury and or property damage.

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Having worked with a range of trades, we understand the inherent risks of each. Incidents are especially expensive for small organisations and could lead to a loss of customers, reputational damage or even the business ceasing to exist. Our experience allows us to work with you to choose the appropriate policy to suit the dangers and nuances of your industry.

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