For fleets large or small, Jaggi & Co. have access to the most suitable markets.

Owning a fleet of vehicles – for both commercial and private use – comes with a unique set of risks and challenges. We can arrange insurance for small, medium and large fleets, mixed fleets, including vans and cars, as well as large haulage vehicles.

Our dedicated specialists will work with a panel of leading fleet insurance experts to source a policy that is specific to the size, type and use of your fleet. From vehicle repair, following an incident, to full engagement of the claims process, we are here to assist. Jaggi & Co. also continuously engage with clients, advising on important Risk Management Strategies to prevent accidents and limit liability to reduce excessive claims costs, as well as reduce the number of future claims.

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Jaggi & Co. have established relationships with a wide variety of high-quality Fleet Insurers. We work with you to provide a policy tailored to your needs.

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